About the company.

Our story.

It all began in 1947, with a single tractor and the hard working dedication of one man, our grandfather, Don Mann. Today, we celebrate over 70 years of success, safety and growth into a large team of employees who respond to a broad scope of municipal, residential and commercial projects.

Our company is built on a foundation of trust and integrity; the same commitment and values Don founded the company on, handed down over three generations. We understand that you look for the same things we look for as consumers: good service and money well spent. We intend to deliver on that expectation.

Our core values.


“We are a safe company, where both employees and clients can count on us to go home safe every day.”


“We have an attitude of gratitude and we remain calm even when it is tough to do so.”

Hard Working:

“We are hard-working people who solve the toughest problems, even when they aren’t ours.”


“We do the right thing.”


“We bring our best to every interaction to make it a win-win situation.”

Our commitment to safety.

Employee health and safety is a primary concern in all of our operations.

Our safety program and policies ensure employees and supervisors understand the procedures and responsibilities needed to administer, coordinate, and implement safe practices including:

    a. Correct utilization of safety equipment
    b. Proper job instruction
    c. Frequent review of safe working practices
    d. Adequate supervision

Management is responsible for developing, implementing and controlling a safety program consistent with WorkSafeBC regulations, and for motivating supervisors and employees to follow program objectives and policies to prevent potential accidents.

Supervisors and foremen shall strive to eliminate unsafe conditions and practices by providing on the job training and enforcement of safety regulations and procedures.

All employees shall follow appropriate safety regulations, rules and procedures. Each employee is responsible for being constantly alert to his or her own safety and the safety of fellow employees, and for practicing and promoting safe work habits.

“I have known and worked with the road and underground utility installation crews of Don Mann Excavating for close to thirty years. I do not hesitate to recommend the use of Don Mann’s services to my clients, and haven’t had an unhappy customer yet. Don Mann’s various site superintendents are friendly, knowledgeable, skilled and honest in their dealings with me and my colleagues. I always enjoy working with Don Mann Excavating.”

NEIL NEATE – P.Eng. Delcan Corporation

Meet our team.

Black and white portrait of Steve Mann
Steve Mann
Past President
Colin Mann
Trevor Mann
Jordan Mann
Monty Fitz
General Manager
Scott Jacobson
Operations Manager
Marlene McClure
Shelby Wiggins
Glen Crocker
Head Mechanic

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