The company founded by our grandfather, Don Mann in 1947, began with just one small tractor and a belief that if he worked hard and did a good job, God would provide the rest. Over 60 years later, Don Mann Excavating has a staff of 70 long-term employees and a wide range of machines and dump trucks allowing us to respond to an extensive scope of projects including municipal, residential and commercial projects.

We are thankful for over 60 years of success and safety and recognize that we have our employees and our loyal customers to thank for them.

We continue to run the Company with the commitment and values that Don founded the company on. We understand that you are looking for the same things we look for as consumers, good service and value for money spent. We intend to deliver on that expectation.



Don Mann Excavating Ltd. recognizes that the health and safety of employees is of primary concern in all its operations. Safety standards should not be compromised to achieve other objectives, such as productivity, quality or scheduling.

The objective of our safety program and policies will be to ensure that the employees and supervisors are aware of the procedures and responsibilities for the administration, coordination and implementation of an effective safety program, including:
a. correct utilization of safety equipment
b. proper job instruction
c. frequent review of safe working practices
d. adequate supervision

Management is responsible for developing, implementing and controlling a safety program consistent with the Worker’s Compensation Board regulations. This program will establish objectives and policies to influence the accident prevention effort and motivate both supervisors and employees to reduce and keep potential accidents to a minimum.

Supervisors and foremen are to work constantly toward elimination of unsafe acts and conditions by means of on-the-job training and enforcement of safety regulations and procedures.

All employees shall follow appropriate regulations, rules and procedures and each employee is individually responsible for being constantly alert to his or her own safety and the safety of fellow employees, and for practicing and promoting safe work habits.

I have known and worked with the road and underground utility installation crews of Don Mann Excavating Ltd. for close to thirty years. I do not hesitate to recommend the use of Don Mann’s services to my clients, and haven’t had an unhappy customer yet. Don Mann’s various site superintendents are friendly, knowledgeable, skilled and honest in their dealings with me and my colleagues. I always enjoy working with Don Mann Excavating.
Neil NeateP.Eng. Delcan Corporation